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Merrell Massage on Sydney’s North Shore

Merrell Massage is a convenient and comprehensive remedial massage clinic delivering a range of services across Sydney's North Shore. Specialising in Sports and Deep Tissue treatments, our flexible and friendly operation facilitates everything from sports training applications for individuals and teams, to desk sessions at the office to increase productivity and staff wellbeing. We also offer mobile treatments in the comfort of your own home.

With a strong history in working with professional sports teams and individuals, our approach is client-orientated. We work with each individual to maintain their maximum wellbeing and help them achieve their goals, be it preparation for game day at the local sports club, training to complete a fun run or a major marathon.

merrell massage Sydneys North Shore

“I needed a massage therapist who understands the body more like a physio would.
Shane at Merrell Massage does just that.” Sarah (ex-New York City Ballet)